Zmeul and Zmeoaic

The enchantment of this spot wouldn’t be finished without the presence of legends. The principal legend connects with “two twin rocks”, Zmeul and Zmeoaica, the male and female words for “mythical beast” in Romania. Rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that these stones mark where the mythical serpents rested after their excursion to the close by town of Deja, from where they brought the fundamental salt.

As per another legend, the nature save is found where the place of mythical serpents used to be. The mythical beasts acknowledged ladies as detainees from adjacent towns. On one occasion a daring man took the sun and tossed it very high. The sun was strong to the point that every one of the mythical serpents went to stones. Furthermore, they have remained stones until now.

There is no question that you will actually want to unwind among the mythical serpents in Gradina Zmeilor in Sălaj County. Natural air and a stunning scene will ship him to a mystical spot that he will be glad to visit again and again.

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