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We offer you an amazing souvenir from Transylvania, where only with us you can buy handmade dragon toys. We make new designs every season, so each series is limited. In addition to toys, we offer souvenirs such as T-shirts, caps, school supplies and more

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I’ve always liked to sew.

My abilities definitely developed when my granddaughters were born. That’s when I decided to sew my first funny dragons for them.

You will ask why dragons and not vampires or werewolves?
Well, everyone tells about these species in our regions and I have the impression that this is not the best fairy tale for little girls and hardly anyone remembers that dragons used to reign in this area, and the good ones.

Why didn’t I just buy a supermarket toy?
Due to the amount of artificial substances that can affect the health of the baby. For the production wynajem, samochód do ślubu of my stuffed toys, I use only organic cotton and certified carcasses.

Ending this story, at the urging of my granddaughters, I changed my souvenir shop into the world of dragons.

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Strada General Traian Moșoiu 403,
Bran 507025